January 24, 2007

Birthday Lunch

Yesterday was my birthday. Some of my staff, who are a great group, took me to lunch at the only Zagat rated restaurant in Azusa. Now don’t get me wrong, Azusa has a lot of good places to eat. But they are just that, places. No real restaurants. Not that this restaurant, even though it is really delicious, has a five star ambiance! It is next to the only porn shop in Azusa, The Red Panty.

Any how so much for panties, Tulipano’s is very good. The owner greets you and kisses your hand (feminists beware). I consider myself a liberated woman, but I enjoy his camp attitude, and silly jokes and dotting at the table. The lunch specials are plentiful and usually delicious.

My favorite thing is the fresh brushetta that is brought to the table as soon as your drinks are served. It is very garlicky, and delicious. I had the fish special, a light sautéed sea bass, may I emphasize it was not over cooked!!! With a delicious fresh tomato and pepper sauce over it, served with some pasta and vegetables. Another special was a half and half homemade ravioli’s with a cream sauce and a manicotti stuffed with cheeses with a marinara sauce. It looked good, but disappeared before I was offered a bite! Chicken ravioli with a fresh tomato pomadora was also served to one of the group, it also looked delicious.

Every one of us (6) were pleased with our lunches, my only regret was not ordering some soup. There were 3 varieties, and you know how I feel about soup!

Tulipano's 530 S. Citrus Ave. Azusa, CA 91702 626-967-6670


H. C. said...

Happy belated birthday! And glad that your food blog is really coming into its own ~ I love your reviews (and rants, and raves ;) ) so far!

TommyBoy said...

Yes, happy belated birthday Ms. 1-2-3....

Your Chicagoland buddy and guy that looks you up every decade..



TommyBoy said...

By the way, how am I supposed to answer your question when your address is "noreply" ?????