May 14, 2007

A SoCal Gal reivews a Sammie from Philly

So after reading post after post on different CHOW boards regarding the mouth watering Fredo’s Philly Cheesesteak, I decided I had to try it.

First of all I am not an expert on The Philly Cheesesteak. In fact I think I have eaten only one, at Canyon City BBQ, prior to this experience. I think Canyon City’s sammie was good, but far from authentic, so the experts say. They use tri tip, so its more of a tri tip sammie with the philly fixin’s. My experience is based on my love for food, not to vouch for the authenticity of the Philly Cheese steak!

Fredo’s is just north of Orange Grove on Lake Street. I found street parking on Lake, luckily, the place is pretty bare bones. Comfortable tables and chairs with a few condiments, a few Philadelphia decorations and pictures of Cheese steak eaters on the wall, clearly finding a niche, but clean and I felt welcome.

I told Dan (the Owner) I heard great things about his sammies and I ordered the super, which came with onions, pepper, and mushrooms. There is a choice of cheese offerings, but I did not name mine so I assume I got the traditional “white” as the menu offers.

He took my order and immediately told me that the kitchen staff is all new and today was there first day. He was clearly concerned, and chatted with me while I waited for my sammie. He is not from Philly but lived there for several years, and has worked in the business for a while. It sounded like Fredo's is his first restaurant endeavor.

My sammie took about 10 minutesto make, and I got it into the car with the intent to wait until I got home to eat, but since that is 10 minutes away I thought I had better try at least a couple bites. Yum. It was delicious. I took several large bites in the car and then devoured the rest of that half when I got home. Tons of meat, not a single piece of gristle, juicy with out being soggy and just the right amount of melty cheese and pepper, onion etc. so as not to overwhelm. I have no complaints. My bread was soft and fresh, and the roll was large but definitely did not overwhelm the sammie. Plenty of meat in every bite and half was more than enough. Fredos sammie was very large, huge in fact, easily shared.

I hope he does well. I will go back, and I recommend the Super.


teenage glutster said...

...rare is the time when i actually go out for Mexican, actually the only "mexican" place i find myself yearning sometimes that's kind of Mexican is Tacos Baja Ensenada in East L.A. Those fish tacos or caldo de pescado are truly something you should try.

H. C. said...

Hmm -- authentic (well, as close to authentic as LA can get) Philly places usually asks about your cheese option, Cheese Whiz or Provolone. But still, that sandwich looks very meaty good!

Anonymous said...

I might try this sometime ( slightly too far to drive for just a cheesesteak for me), but I just tried one from Philly's Best. While it was okay, I wanted to pass something on: I also ordered peppers, onions and mushrooms--while eating it I realized that mushrooms just do not belong in a cheesesteak! I love mushrooms, and ordered without thinking, but they should not be in there, it is a jarring note. I have had cheesesteaks in Philly and elsewhere.

Aaron Proctor said...

Being a native Philadelphian, the best cheesesteak place in LA is South Street..they have two locations: Westwood and Burbank.